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Divide Scoop Microwave Bento Lunch Boxes

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US $27.39

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Množství 2-4 5-9 ≥ 10
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Do you want to take a healthy meal with you; here this Divide Scoop Microwave Bento Lunch Box is a great choice for you!This microwave lunch box features Divide Scoop design, easy to use, stylish and cute! Made of high quality material, the microwave lunch box is durable reliable for long time use, also safe to use! The microwave lunch box can keep the meal fresh for a long time, which makes it perfect for work, picnic or school. And the microwave lunch box is perfectly sized for bringing lunch to the office or school.Great Lunch Ideas for you, do not miss it, you will get more than you paid!
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  • Specifikace:

    • Vyrobeno z vysoce kvalitní potravinářské jakosti materiálu, microwave lunch box is just what you are looking for
    • Squirrel Pattern school lunch box adds both style and affordable practicality to your life
    • microwave lunch box includes a scoop uvnitř boxu
    • microwave lunch box features a handy divider for packing snacks like crackers and cheese, fruit and nuts, and more
    • Je předán bezpečnostní kontroly na základě zákona potravin hygienické
    • The practical microwave lunch box je umožnit vám balení zdravý oběd
    • microwave lunch box is the ideal way to pack nutritious, travel-friendly meals and so on
    • Dokonale velikosti pro podání oběd do školy nebo do kanceláře
    • Durable, attractive, and easy to clean, fulfill your lunch ideas 
    • Materiál: PP
    • Velikost: 24.1 x 18.2 x 6.9cm/9.4 x 7.2 x 2.8in(L x W x H)
    • Teplotní limit pro Box: -20˚C ~ +120˚C


    Garfieldal Divide Scoop Microwave Bento Lunch Boxes

    • With the durable and healthy bento lunch box, you will have wonderful lunch or picnic

    Microwave Lunch Box

    • microwave lunch box is made of food-safe material, durable, attractive, and easy to clean

    Bento Lunch Box

    Lunch Idea

    • microwave lunch box is the ideal way to pack nutritious, travel-friendly meals and so on


    • Barva je náhodné v dodávce

    About Lunch Boxes

    Lunch boxes have come a long way since children began using containers to carry their lunches to school in the 1800s. Whether you are shopping for a lunch box for your child or seeking a classic box to add to or begin your collection, you can learn something new about them here.

    • Historie
    • During the last quarter of the 19th century, lunch boxes came into use by working men who could not afford to purchase a hot lunch or did not have time to rush home and eat. These boxes were industrial in make and appearance, similar to a small toolbox. Children began emulating the practice, creating lunch boxes using colorful cookie tins or metal tobacco containers. In the early 1900s, children's lunch boxes appeared on the retail market, sporting illustrations of children playing.
    • Funkce
    • Lunch boxes, also known as lunch kits, were created and marketed as a way for children to carry homemade lunches to school. The boxes were seen as a way to keep lunches fresher as well as keeping sandwiches and treats from being crushed, unlike paper lunch sacks. Lunch kits, which included vacuum bottles, commonly known by the brand name Thermos, allowed mothers to send cold beverages or hot soups with their children, making them a hit with both parents and kids.
    • Typy
    • There are now several different types of lunch boxes available. In the 1950s, Aladdin and Thermos began selling rectangular metal lunchboxes decorated with popular television characters. Dome-shaped metal boxes emerged in the latter part of the '50s, mimicking workmen's lunch pails but bearing popular, child-friendly artwork. The 1960s saw the emergence of trendy vinyl lunchboxes. Currently, lunch boxes are typically made from soft, insulated foam materials such as neoprene. Hard plastic boxes are also available.
    • Vlastnosti
    • Vintage metal lunchboxes featuring pop culture icons such as cartoons, westerns and movies are collectibles. Lunch boxes with rust, scratches, holes or dents are worth much less than those in better condition. Any original straps or handles should be present and in good repair, as well as small parts such as hinges. Buyers seeking to collect classic lunch boxes should check for copyright dates on those that appear like new. Many "retro" lunchboxes have been made, and a novice buyer could be fooled into purchasing a cheap reproduction.
    • Expert Insight
    • Collecting lunch boxes goes beyond finding and purchasing them. Once someone has begun his collection, caring for the lunch boxes is an imperative part of protecting that investment. Water damages metal lunch boxes, and direct sunlight can fade and discolor vinyl, plastic or metal versions. Allowing dust and grime to build up on them can also be harmful. Lunch boxes of any type should be periodically washed with mild dish soap and warm water and then dried completely.

    How to Choose a Lunch Box?

    • Consider what you'll use the lunch box to carry. Use a tough metal or plastic lunch box to protect foods that can bruise, break or smush. If you plan to pack your foods in plastic containers, a soft lunch bag is fine.
    • Choose a lunch box or lunch bag that is large enough to accommodate all your items without having them move around when jostled.
    • Zvažte, jak bude zpracování oběd box. Pokud budete muset vešel do batohu nebo kniha tašky, tvrdé vnější udrží Vaše potraviny od bytí vůbec.
    • Purchase a soft-bodied, insulated lunch bag if you'll be carrying items that need to be kept cool or hot. Few hard-shell lunch boxes offer insulation.
    • Purchase an insulated beverage container (either with the lunch box or separately) just in case you decide to bring along a little soup, coffee or another beverage.
    • Think about the image you'd like to project to your coworkers and companions, and choose your lunch box accordingly. Most plastic and metal lunch boxes will carry images of some sort, including superheroes, cartoon characters and even political figures.

    Obsah balení:

    • 1 x oběd Box

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Susan Begunich

Koupili toto zboží, na

00:00:00 09-05-2011 Nádherné, zdravé, a vůně zdarma Celkově:  
  • Jiné myšlenky: I love this item. A LOT! I can fit healthy size lunches (or dinners) and it stays hot/warm. I noticed people talking about the smells their containers picked up. I'm happy to say mine is smell free thanks to a trick a friend taught me. Place cabbage into it and let it sit over night (especially if you had something extra stinky). The cabbage absorbs the odor and the nasty smell is gone. (Don't eat the cabbage after though, it might taste a little funky.) <br/> <br/>If you are up for a unique approach to healthier eating, than this is for you. Traditional bento style meals are best. so if you prefer huge American sized portions, you might want to reconsider.

Pomohlo Vám toto hodnocení užitečné?

Emerson Wasem

Koupili toto zboží, na

00:00:00 08-03-2011 Vysoká kvalita Celkově:  
  • Jiné myšlenky: I ened up not using this product and just giving it to someone. But the person I gave it to, thinks its great.

Pomohlo Vám toto hodnocení užitečné?

Victor Rivera

Koupili toto zboží, na

00:00:00 07-28-2011 Microwave Lunch Box Celkově:  
  • Jiné myšlenky: I like this Microwave Lunch Box. I have not put any soup in it yet. I love how everything fits seperate but together. Easy to clean and easy to use.

Pomohlo Vám toto hodnocení užitečné?

James Swift

Koupili toto zboží, na

00:00:00 07-25-2011 Velmi dobrý produkt Celkově:  
  • Jiné myšlenky: It's very good! easy take, easy clean, and a good capacity! and can keep warm at least 8 hours! <br/>Maybe will buy another one for myself~

Pomohlo Vám toto hodnocení užitečné?

Jared dům

Koupili toto zboží, na

00:00:00 07-19-2011 Skvělý produkt Celkově:  
  • Jiné myšlenky: I brought Microwave Lunch Box so that I could take my food on the road everyday. As a sales person I spend all day in the car and was tired of fast food making me fat and unhealthy. Mr. Bento has served its purpose very well. It is big enough to allow me to carry 1 meal and 2 snacks. The hot/cold compartments work well, but don't expect your food to be toasty when lunch time rolls around. The spork that's included works well enough to handle most food and the carrying case makes it extremely easy to carry around. <br/> <br/>My only dislike of Mr. Bento is that not all compartments seal tightly and if it tips over you will have spillage into the container and out. If you use it in a closed environment such as a car, you will also be able to smell certain foods. <br/> <br/>All in all Mr. Bento has been crucial in helping me achieve my wait loss goals by allowing me to carry around good healthy food. And if you compare some spills and smelling certain foods vs. losing 40 lbs. in 5 months, the choice is clear. <br/> <br/>This product has served me well and I highly recommend it to anyone that needs to bring their food to work.

Pomohlo Vám toto hodnocení užitečné?

Lambert Pascal

Koupili toto zboží, na

00:00:00 07-06-2011 Fabulous Find Celkově:  
  • Jiné myšlenky: My 7 year old daughter was tiring of sandwiches and school lunches. She was begging for good hot food from home! <br/>I hesitated on purchasing this because of the high price point but I am so happy I did. The lunch jar was so worth the money. When my daughter takes her lunch out it is still nice and warm. Our leftovers are put to good use! The only issue is she needs help from the lunch monitor to get the lid off.

Pomohlo Vám toto hodnocení užitečné?

Shawn Šumař

Koupili toto zboží, na

00:00:00 06-28-2011 dobrý design Celkově:  
  • Jiné myšlenky: I've used my Bento Lunch Box a few times and I really like it. I pack leftovers in the containers and put them in the fridge the night before, then nuke 'em in the morning and put them in the lunch jar. By lunchtime the contents are still warm (not piping hot, but definitely warm enough to eat). I have also packed cold and hot items in the same jar (which you're not supposed to do). I just take out the cold items when I get to work, they do not seem to pick up the heat from the other containers. <br/> <br/>My favorite part of the Mr. Bento (besides the name Mr. Bento) is its upright design. I have a long flat bento, and it's impossible to carry it flat and it leaks. Mr. Bento doesn't have that problem. The soup jar does not leak. The carrying case is a huge plus too.

Pomohlo Vám toto hodnocení užitečné?

Sheldon Gillespie

Koupili toto zboží, na

00:00:00 06-21-2011 Great Lunch Ideas Celkově:  
  • Jiné myšlenky: I bought this Microwave Lunch Box for my son who prefers to carry his lunch to High School. I usually warm up soup and fill it in this jar during the winter months. He complains about his soup being too warm to eat during lunch hour which is about 5 hours from the time I fill the jar! I've started cutting down the soup's temperature so that he doesn't burn his mouth! I'm so happy knowing that this jar is doing such a good job at keeping his food warm and safe. Also, the wide mouth makes cleaning a cinch!

Pomohlo Vám toto hodnocení užitečné?

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